The Journey to the Abu Dhabi Presidential Palace

The Journey to the Abu Dhabi Presidential Palace

Who has never dreamt to experience the “One Thousand and One Nights” tales?

The deal

Deal for Dinamica Smart Hinge System supply to the Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi. In November 2015 Dinamica Smart Hinge System was chosen for the gorgeous Qasr Al Watan Palace doors in the UAE, then an incredible journey starts.

The study

After days of analysis on customer’s doors, Dinamica seemed to perfectly fit the project.

Door size Adjustment factor Usual increase in mass door shutter %
Height mm Width mm
2000 1000 2.00 0
2000 1050 1.90 10
2000 1100 1.82 18
2000 1150 1.74 26
2000 1200 1.66 33
2000 1250 1.60 40

The sizing

Sizing door hinges considering height, width and weight of the door. Following the EN 1935 standards we set the number of hinges which would hold every single door.

The Tests

After the sizing, we tested the hinges in our domestic laboratories trying to provide to the customer a qualitative and reliable product. Dinamica reached 180 minutes of fire resistance according to the most severe EC and UL standard. The test took part at Applus Laboratories in Barcelona and involved two Dinamica wood system and one Dinamica metal system. Dinamica has been certified as fire-resistant and smoke controlling hinge.

Fire and smoke resistence test according EN 1634-1

Download Certificate CE EN1935

Download DoP

Download DoP for fire doors

UL marking is conform to US and Canadian market requirements.

Download UL certificate

The certification process

Creation and issue of first Dinamica certifications. A certification for every need.

The cover

After an accurate study, the team of architects managed to choose the right cover for the project.


Brushed steel

The nomination

Dinamica nominated as “Lombardy’s Excellence” among the projects and products selected by Adi Design 2016.

The shipment 

The hinge is finally shipped to Abu Dhabi. In every single package there are months of work and study.

The visit 

Stefano Garletti (CEO) and Luciano Bacchetti (Designer) flew to Abu Dhabi to see the final result.

The building

The project involved a host of architects, interior designers, landscape gardeners and contractors. It is built on the Ras Al Akhdar peninsula, and the area including the palace and gardens encompasses 150 hectares.

The end of the project

Job done. Dinamica supports the Qasr Al Watan Presidential Palace doors.

The electric solution

Fratelli Garletti continues developing new products studying and creating Dinamica Type 29 E, an electric hinge created for wooden applications.

The “Honorable Mention”

Honorable mention for Dinamica at the 2018 Italian Design Awards: Dinamica has now its own place in the history of Italian Design.

The journey changes you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.


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