The door closer-hinge with small size for refrigerated cabinets

SMALL 049 is a mechanical hinge which can be used for a new device design and also for retro-fitting application.
Its reduced hight and width make it perfect to be fixed in the refrigerated cabinet door or in the cabinet chassis.

SMALL 049 closes automatically preserving the internal temperature of the refrigerated cabinet.



Easy fixing process with 2 fixing points.

Open door end-stop at 90° for goods loading and unloading.

Small size for every kind of needs.



Laboratory tested with production chain traceability.


Closing system with constant pressure on gaskets.



Mechanical hinge with no functioning noise.

Ensured door closing.

Preserved refrigerated cabinet’s internal temperature.

Usage Pleasure


No cool dispersion loss in the refrigerated cabinet aisle.

Mechanical closing feature.

Without efforts during the closing process.

    Technical information

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