Dinamica SHS awarded as best hinge for fire doors

Dinamica SHS awarded as best hinge for fire doors

Dinamica SHS awarded as best hinge for fire doors

The concealed hinge Dinamica Smart Hinge System has been awarded at Tagliafuoco Award as best hinge for fire doors and smoke resistant doors.

The forum

Hosted by Chemolli Fire, Forum Tagliafuoco takes place every two years and is fully concerned to the fire-resistant products. Guide lines, testing, certification and new technologies have been presented in different lectures and speeches offering to the public a complete presentation of the current fire-resistant market.

Different speakers have faced the doubts of the public on guide lines that have to be followed when certifying a product with CE or UL marks. Regulations and more over have been mentioned in order to get products tested, certified and marked correctly.

The hinge

Dinamica Smart Hinge System took part to the forum and showed its features of application on high weight doors and doors of big size. Its certification as fire resistant hinge allowed the hinge to take part to the Forum.

The concealed hinge for high load doors stands to the UNI EN 1935 “Accessories for building hardware. Single-axis hinges. Requirements and test methods” obtaining its CE certification in 2015, keeping and improving its standards trough years.

The hinge is certified UL10c for application on fire resistant and smoke resistant doors. Thanks to this certification Dinamica has been chosen as ideal part for closing fire doors.

The award

The event ended with the introduction of Tagliafuoco Award, an award fully dedicated to praise the skills of the various fire market operators for creating cutting edge products for fire and smoke protection.

There were 4 different categories:

  • Fire doors
  • Accessories for building hardware and emergency hardware
  • Gaskets for fire resistant products
  • Concealed hinge for fire doors

Every category allowed two winning products which have received the Tagliafuoco Award. Dinamica Smart Hinge System took part to the event competing as a concealed hinge for fire doors, being chosen at the end of the event as excellence in fire door market.

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