CE marking is confirmed for the Dinamica series door hinges

CE marking is confirmed for the Dinamica series door hinges

CE marking is confirmed for the Dinamica series door hinges

Dinamica, single-axis hidden hinge, brilliantly passes the CE mark renewal check for compliance with UNI EN 1935.

We are now so used to buying CE-marked products to the point that we no longer even notice this little mark appearing on most marketed products.

The CE mark

The CE mark is a guarantee for the consumer that the product complies with the requirements of security, functionality and performance defined by directives relating thereto.

The CE mark must be applied on the product and reported to the Community directive or regulation governing the creation of the product in question.

In the case of the hinge industry, in order for the product to obtain the CE marking, it must be subjected to functional and performance testing by a licensed certification authority; in the case of Dinamica, it happens to be the renowned German Institute evaluating the performance of IFT Rosenheim building products.

The CE marking of Dinamica

The Dinamica door hinge is compliant with the UNI EN 1935 “Accessories for building hardware. Single-axis hinges. Requirements and test methods” and is probably the only certified hidden hinge on the market today. It has several differences with respect to the hidden multi-axis hinges (to find out the differences, click HERE).

Dinamica achieved the CE marking in 2015. Three years later it brilliantly passes the validation check performed by IFT Rosenheim at Fratelli Garletti headquarters’.

In addition to the CE marking, Dinamica also has a UL10c certification for up to 180 minutes of use on fire and smoke break doors.

The CASCADING effect

The use of CE-marked products and components allows the manufacturing of final assembled products that can also get, in turn, their own CE marking without the necessity of new tests. This aspect has recently entered into force on a legislative level and is called “cascading” because of the CE marking “waterfall” effect.

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