The Anti-Slam device and its features

The Anti-Slam device and its features

Mechanical or hydraulic Anti-Slam? How does this mechanism work and what are its main features? Let’s find out what is the Anti-Slam device, what is its best performance application and what are its functional benefits.


The Anti-Slam is an operating device embedded into a closing system. Its main function is to avoid violent door shocks against the gaskets. A security device of the entire closing system as well as a real safety mechanism which protects the customer from finger trap or violent and loud noises.

The anti-slam prefers hydraulic applications

This device can be embedded into multiple closing systems, from mechanical hinges to the hydraulic ones, from door hinges to refrigerated cabinet closing systems. However, it finds his best performance into the hydraulic hinge.

The hydraulic system, based on fluids under pressure, enables a better door stop in case of violent push of the door. It doesn’t just stop the door but it controls the speed of the push, the stronger the door is pushed, the more the hydraulic hinge works.


The hydraulic Anti-Slam use, over the mechanical one, leads to important functional benefits.

The noise is one of the most significant problems for living, entry and glass door manufacturers. The noise is perceived as operating defect, devaluing the closing system design and the comfort. This statement becomes more important when the noise comes from door shocks against the gaskets or from friction between mechanical parts. The hydraulic Anti-Slam completely cancels the noise and surely avoids door shocks. It deletes friction noises thanks to the oil based hydraulic circuit, highlighting aesthetic and functional features of the door.

Vibration free

Besides the noise, the vibrations caused by door shocks are another problem to face. It is known that when the door violently slams against the gaskets it creates problems to the frame. But if we talk about food conservation, as well as wine, the vibration caused by the door slam are more catastrophic.

As regard to the commercial refrigeration market, food quality preservation is essential to satisfy customer needs, and the vibrations caused by the door slam doesn’t help at all. For wine and the refrigerated cabinets specially made for its conservation, the hydraulic Anti-Slam avoids the door slam and the vibrations generated which damage wine quality, even if the door is accidentally pushed. It offers gaskets preservation, door or refrigerated cabinet frame preservation and product quality linked with the comfort of the hydraulic system.

In conclusion, we can classify the Anti-Slam system as a safety device. Where “safety” stands for customer safety, to be sure to not have collateral problems due to vibrations and shock and being sure to offer a quality product.



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