Fixing the door onto the fridge

Fixing the door onto the fridge

Fixing the door onto the fridge

The secrets of mounting the doors to refrigerated display units and its importance in terms of the system’s performance.

The refrigerator market

The door-frame hooking systems imply the consideration of the two main fields of application (LT – Low Temperature and NT- Normal Temperature), each of which has different, individual needs and issues, due to their different structure and to the presence of many different producers on the market.

The door-frame system

The system is composed of two key elements, which make up the refrigerated unit: the display container and the door.

Usually, display units are designed to have slots for the mounting of external or internal hinges.

As far as the doors, there are two types we can refer to: doors for low temperatures (LT) and doors for normal temperatures (NT).

The door-frame system efficiency

The assembling of the door and the frame elements takes place by means of a suitable bracket. This last component affects the proper operation of the refrigerated unit locking system.

If it has not been designed and built according to proper technologies and modalities, the assembly bracket can affect the performance of the door hinge movement. It would then be possible to encounter the following issues:

  • Partial locking
  • Improper pressure on the seals
  • Noise during operation
  • Jerky movement
  • Door might fall off the system

The ideal bracket for assembling the door to the frame

It is clear that, given the wide variety of products on the market today, it might turn out to be quite a difficult task to offer a standardized door-frame hooking solution.

The ideal bracket must comply with all of the basic features required by the market and by the designers:

  • Cheapness
  • Ease of installation
  • Adjustment capability
  • Ease of use
  • Good looks
  • Durability
  • Seal efficiency
  • Suitable materials
  • Shapes and size suitable to the door-frame system
  • … and more.

Clear objectives and total partners

It is not always possible to obtain a product that includes all these demands, which often change in importance, safety reasons, economy of individual negotiations and contracts with individual customers.

In this context, designers and manufacturers must be able to get brackets and accessories made in the light of the objectives pursued and the of spaces, often cramped, available in the unit and in the doors.

Everything must also be guaranteed as far as durability and resistance against corrosion.

It is therefore of fundamental importance for the realization of assembly brackets to rely on extremely competent partners as far as the knowledge of materials, thermal and galvanic treatments, in order to create an assembly system that is also safe long-lasting.

A partner that can safely interpret and satisfy all of the demands of the refrigerated display units world.

And what is your choice, when it comes to this key accessory? Contact us for design your ideal bracket!


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