Refrigerator aisle door: high or low hinge?

Refrigerator aisle door: high or low hinge?

Refrigerator aisle door: high or low hinge?

What if we installed the refrigerator door hinge in its upper part? Why haven’t we ever thought about that? Let’s have a look at the benefits this technique might result in.

I’ve always behaved this way.

We’re accustomed to using fridges that have a hinge at the bottom of their doors. There is a variety of practical and logical reasons that led to the habit of placing the hinge there:

  • the existence of gravity hinges that can only work in that position;
  • simplicity and ease of installation of the door in the refrigerator frame;
  • the fact that it’s usually low priced;
  • dismantling the door is easy, when necessary;
  • the containing frame has a simple structure;
  • habits…

Potential advantages of a high hinge

What if we thought outside the box for a second? What if we inverted the position of the refrigerator door hinge?

From both an economical and technical point of view, the results might be the following:

  • Greater endurance: interestingly, a high hinge pivot does not suffer gravity, so it won’t undergo the same amount of friction as regular hinges do and it will therefore be sturdier.
  • Steady closing times: the weight on low hinges, which varies depending on the door model, slows down the closing time; a high hinge instead, which is free from friction and weight, will allow for constant and stable high-quality closing time.
  • Multipurpose: the features, weight and size of the door are less important and less critical when using a high hinge.

Challenges and opportunities

Breaking the mold often leads to the creation of market niches, which are actually able to improve the quality of the final product. These are products characterised by their uniqueness and competitiveness.

What we’re trying to look to here is experimenting and evaluating the possibility to transform an idea into a practical benefit, in accordance with the standards required by the market.

We’re aiming at a marketing of “distinction”, in order to escape “extinction”.

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