The doors of Museo Enzo Ferrari Modena

The doors of Museo Enzo Ferrari Modena

The sound-proof doors in Museo Enzo Ferrari Modena

Dinamica concealed hinges system for sound-proof doors in Museo Enzo Ferrari di Modena.

The entrance to the Museum Convention Hall was created with a large wooden door with two wings, concealed hinges, painted a magnificent yellow, covering a doorway space of no less than 2.4 metres allowing cars of all kinds and eras to be brought into the hall.
The door is soundproofed so that presentations in the hall do not disturb museum visitors. The doors are managed by the Sistema Dinamica Free Wood in the special version (3 hinges and lift).
The one dedicated to Enzo Ferrari is not a museum. It is an enthralling and exciting show. A 5000 m2 space with dozen of cars on display, and 360° films using no less than 19 projectors, convention rooms, a shop and restaurant.
The museum is the revolutionary work of architect Jan Kaplicky from the Future Systems studio in London.
Thanks to Sistema Dinamica, problems with edges hanging or dragging on exceptionally wide and heavy doors were completely eliminated.

Technical data:

  • Site: MEF Museo Enzo Ferrari – Convention Hall
  • Location: Modena (MO) Italy
  • Door Hinges system: Dinamica Free Legno
  • Door description: wood door double wings
  • Door weight and size: 100 kg per leaf, 1,200×2,200 mm per leaf


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