Semi-vertical Refrigerator Cabinets: A New Trend

Semi-vertical Refrigerator Cabinets: A New Trend

Semi-Vertical Refrigerator Cabinets: A New Trend

The market shows an ongoing reinterpretation and revaluation of the semi-vertical refrigerator cabinet. Let’s analyze some of its features and try to find some of the reasons that push manufacturers to walk such road.

The Semi-Vertical Refrigerator cabinet: Pros

The Semi-Vertical refrigerator aisle offers a few advantages, such as the following:

  • New design. The Semi-Vertical cabinet is not very common, so it is refreshing to see a change in the aisle shape. It represents a smart choice that might lead customers to feel increased positive curiosity for the aisle itself.
  • Greater stability. The trapezoidal shape ensures a larger support base. Such feature decreases the danger of tipping over, even when the cabinet is fully loaded.
  • Easy positioning in the store. Thanks to its anti-tip shape, the cabinet can be placed anywhere and does not necessarily need to be located next to walls or other cabinets.
  • Better product visibility. The inclined shape enhances product visibility since it facilitates the view of all the displayed shelves.
  • No glare on the window glass. The tilt angle of the glass makes for better product visibility: store lights do not cause any reflections on the glass and this provides customers with a better view of the products displayed.

The Semi-Vertical Refrigerator cabinet

Actually, the Semi-Vertical refrigerator cabinet is not new: it has always existed but was always used in moderation as a solution.

Its spread has always been limited by hard-to-move sliding doors and control difficulties closing the door (in refrigerators provided with doors); this led stores to use such solution in the form of door-less cabinets, at best provided with curtains during periods of closing.

New Scenarios

The open cabinet is less and less accepted because of new standard regulation related to environmental sustainability and the need to contain electricity consumption. Therefore, it is foreseeable that we will all witness a slow and inexorable transition to closed semi-vertical cabinets.

The size of the cabinets’ surface tends to be larger and larger. This is due to greater demand for a larger display area, providing customers with an interference-free view on the products. The result is a continuous increase in doors weight.

This leads to the need for highly performing door hinges. Let us not forget that doors change in weight during their movement, this being due to the sail effect created by the glass.

Such issue represents a real technical challenge for manufacturers. Taking part in the challenge, F.lli Garletti is now developing new hydraulic hinges that will be able to better handle the door closing phase, providing smooth and resistance-free movement, together with a safe, easy and quick installation.




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