Commercial refrigeration units and energy savings

Commercial refrigeration units and energy savings

Commercial refrigeration units and energy saving

Optimize energy costs without sacrifice the easy restock of products and shopping pleasure

Curb energy consumption

The refrigeration is the main energy consumption of a store.
To curb energy consumption you have to close the refrigerator units with doors.
In effect the greater energy efficiency in refrigerate units is obtained by great quality of their doors.
These door systems are thermal brakes and divide two places with different temperatures, up to 40 degrees different!
That’s why the doors and in particular their system device are so important, because it allows to isolate the two places, reducing the energy consumption up to 50% and consequently the energy costs.

Refrigerates cabinet doors: what kind of experiences!

How many time you had bad experiences opening these doors in the stores:

  • heavy doors to pull
  • doors that bump against the cabinet, dangerous for hand
  • Crushed fingers between door and cabinet frame or to the near door opened by the Others.

Not the best, right?!?

Often the experience is bad for the store operators too:

  • Difficulty to charge the cabinet, because you can’t stop the door at 90 degrees;
  • Door’s damages due to accidental collisions during the loading phase.

Bad for the manager operator too, that don’t get completely the benefits:

  • The bumping door crushes the gaskets fast removing the advantages of a good closing and oblige to frequently and expensive maintenances;
  • The fast closing door that crushes fast against the cabinet produces an inner pressure that opens the other doors of the cabinet, removing the energy savings;
  • Doors that close slowly or don’t close, with the loss of energy savings.


The solution in one device system

The choice of door closer: hinge type?
This choice is basic to obtain an energy efficiency and useful refrigerate cabinet.
Today there are hydraulic hinges with innovative technologies and functions.
These new devices meet the needs of the store operators and get better shopping experiences for Customers.
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