The evolution of supermarket refrigerated cabinets

The evolution of supermarket refrigerated cabinets

The refrigerated cabinets metamorphosis: from a simple food preservation machine to an advanced marketing tool

The refrigerated cabinet was initially designed as a machine built to preserve and guarantee the quality of goods that need to be stored at specific temperatures.

In time, though, some changes have been made to it, especially with the aim of achieving improvements in terms of reliability, life span, quality and maintenance requirements.
All of this has been done to reduce any waste due to bad storing.

Besides the mere functional aspects, further changes have also affected energy and environmental aspects, with the aim of reducing energy consumption levels and implementing the use of gases with low environmental impact. New dynamics that are all dictated by the most recent regulations concerning environmental protection.

At present, there is great technological development regarding the refrigerated cabinet, with consequent large economical investments by the main manufacturers.
In fact, alongside the cheap refrigerated cabinet, designed to just be a big food container, a new kind of aisle is now being developed: one that is designed and built in full compliance with the shop characteristics and the final user, as to say the customer.

The manufacturers

The manufacturers, always keen to stand out from the competition, aim at introducing:
– New technologies
– New looks
– New functional design: anti-overturning and accessibility features, adding specific designs for disabled people

The shop

Aside from the aspects relating to their own performance and functionality facts (reliability, environmental sustainability and energy consumption levels), shops are always keen to develop marketing strategies that seem to be increasingly specific:
– designs that allow elite-identifying exclusive customisations
– “Design-for-all” solutions, to make a shop suitable for everyone
– Better product lighting and visibility
– Ease of use and safety, when it comes to the product loading and withdrawal

The aim is clear: conquer the clients’ loyalty by giving them a feeling of uniqueness and pleasure upon purchase.

In recent years, more and more small-size spaces and shops have been spreading, especially in historic town centres.
In these contexts, it might turn out quite challenging to implement the use of large wall-fridges with external machines, either due to small external room or architectural limitations. In these cases, onboard engine refrigerated cabinet seem to represent the perfect choice.

A Copernican revolution

So here’s how the aisle turns from a mere machine into an easy to use, good looking item.
Indeed, such machine:
– Will not make the environment colder, which might annoy the client;
– Will allow perfect visibility of all of the products stored;
– Will give a pleasant shopping experience
– Will uniquely characterise the shop
– Will increase product sales
– Will conquer clients’ loyalty

A conclusion we can make is that the refrigerated cabinet is no longer a mere industrial tool, it is rather turning into a stylish, ergonomic, communicative, performing and efficient item. Moreover, if customised with a unique style, it could also become exclusive.


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