Artika Slim 100 Hydraulic Hinge Fratelli Garletti

The thinnest hydraulic hinge for vertical refrigerated cabinet doors

The range of hydraulic hinges Artika has been specially designed and made to control the closing process of the refrigerated cabinet doors. Every product of the brand enables the highest performance and the usage pleasure of the refrigerated device.
Artika Slim, the ambidextrous hydraulic hinge, can be used for a new device design and also for retro-fitting application. Its horizontal fixing polymer body and its dimensions make it perfect to be fixed in every position.
The hydraulic system of Artika Slim 100 enables an opening process without efforts and a constant pressure on gaskets during the closing process, by ensuring a perfect closing of the door and enabling a relevant energy-saving.
The controlled closing process with damping capability anti-finger trap, the open door end-stop and the anti-collision with adjacent door system make Artika Slim 100 the perfect component to reach functional goals and to improve the usage pleasure of the refrigerated device.




Easy horizontal fixing process.

Open door end-stop at 95° for goods loading and unloading.

Ambidextrous hinge.



Guaranteed up to 500.000 cycles with production chain traceability.


Certain closing system with constant pressure on gaskets.



Soft closing.

Soft opening up to 100°.

Corrosion resistant polymer body and anti-condensation capability new

Anti-unhinge structure.

Usage Pleasure


Anti-finger trap use.

Anti-collision with adjacent door system.

Without efforts during the opening process.

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